Herniated Disc Treatment

If you suspect you are experiencing pain due to a herniated or slipped disc, Dr. Maryanne Del Negro is committed to providing natural herniated disc treatments in Garwood, NJ.

What Is a Herniated Disc?

In between the bones of the spine are discs, which act as spacers to keep the vertebrae in their correct place. They also absorb any shock from movement.

Sometimes, due to an injury, improper lifting techniques, sudden awkward movements, and regular wear and tear, the disc may rupture, which is known as a herniated or slipped disc. When this occurs, it can put pressure on the nerves, causing pain, numbness, and weakness.

What Herniated Disc Treatments Are Available?

Treating a herniated disc in Garwood, NJ is most successful when the treatment plan is personalized to the individual patient. Dr. Del Negro will examine your whole spine and work with you to develop the best plan. This plan can include the following treatments and more.

  • Adjustments: Chiropractic adjustments focus on correcting the alignment of the spine. When it is properly aligned, it takes the pressure off of the discs and nerves.
  • Spinal decompression: Spinal decompression is a method through which the spine is gently stretched, which relieves the pressure on the discs. This release of pressure allows the herniated disc to return to its proper place and helps speed up recovery.
  • Exercise: Specific exercises can help target the impacted area to further relieve pain. Dr. Del Negro can provide information and instruction on such exercises that you can complete in-office and at home to improve your recovery process.
  • Massage: Massage therapy helps to loosen the muscles that are impacted by the herniated disc. This can decrease the pain, tension, and swelling while promoting healing.

In some cases, such as those when there are advanced symptoms or specific neurological complications, Dr. Del Negro may refer you to a spinal surgeon. However, the goal of chiropractic care is to minimize or eliminate pain in the least invasive way possible and without heavy use of medications. Dr. Del Negro will aim to treat your herniated disc through the most natural methods first before recommending other options.

Learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care and natural herniated disc treatments in Garwood, NJ by calling (908) 789-2303 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Del Negro today.

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